RYB is only open during scheduled class times and by appointment. See schedule for latest updates.​




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FAQs & Everything you need to know

1. What is a good class to start with my first time? 

We recommend taking advantage of our free trial and trying as many classes as possible. Read the descriptions and try the ones that sound FUN to you. All of our classes are beginner friendly. Just let the instructor know when you arrive it is your first time and they'll help you get set up and make sure you have everything you need.



2. What do I wear to workout at Rock Your Body?

We suggest wearing comfortable, light clothes. We do have air conditioning but most of the time you will still break a sweat. Compression leggings or yoga pants are great to allow free movement and wick sweat. You'll see most of our members in one of these with a tank or t-shirt. For ladies, we highly recommend a supportive sports bra for maximum comfort.


For Krank Indoor Cycling classes some new riders find the seat to be uncomfortable. We suggest padded shorts and/or bring a gel seat protector. Totally optional.



3. Do I need special shoes for my workout? 

No, any sneaker will work. We are happy to make a recommendation on the best footwear for your workout. Some classes such as yoga and PiYO Live can be done without shoes. Our only request is that you bring clean, dry, shoes with you to class and do not wear them in. We work hard to protect the floors and keep them clean. 


For Krank Indoor Cycling classes our bikes will accommodate cycling cleats but regular sneakers work too.


4. What do I need to bring with me for my workout?

As far as the workout goes, we will provide a mat and weights and all the equipment you may need. You are always welcome to bring your own mat and weights if you prefer. We suggest bringing a bottle of water, we have a free fill-up station in the lobby and a towel to catch the sweat.  


5. Am I required to book my class ahead of time or can I just show up?

We always suggest you pre-register for your class. You can do this on our website, Facebook page, mobile app or by calling us on the phone. Some classes have a capacity and in the event it is full, you will be put on a waiting list in the order that you sign up. Also, with these New England winters in the event we need to cancel, we can quickly send you a message to tell you to stay safe at home. 


6. I haven't worked out ever or in a really long time and I have no coordination. Is everyone going to laugh at me? 

The community at Rock Your Body is second to none. We all have the same goal of becoming a happy, healthier version of ourselves. You will find just the opposite when you walk through the doors. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and coordination isn't required. When it is safe to do so, we even dim the lights in the classes so you can really rock your body! Get ready to meet your new fit fam, the best accountability around.